N16 Handling – MeisterR and Energy Suspension

So as i had the engine sorted out for the project it was time to get to work on improving the handling. as I said in an earlier post the stock chassis was surprisingly good for what is in effect a small family car but with all things there is always room for improvement.

first up for replacing was the suspension bushes, replacing the stock rubber with uprated polyurethane versions, this is a good thing to do in any older car as the stock rubber bushes will surely be past their best anyway. the bushes i chose were from energy suspension and although they don’t actually list items for the n16 almera, they do for the US equivalent the b15 sentra. I so i bought the front lower arm bushing kit – part no:7.3112G, the rear beam bushing kit – part no:7.3113G, the anti rollbar droplink bushing kit – part no:9.8106G and the gear shifter link bushes – part no:7:1109G. this replaces all the rubber bushes on the car bar the engine mounts and the steering rack bushes.

as i was replacing all the bushes and fitting coilovers i decided that it would be a good time put new bottom arms on, so i bought a set of new arms and fitted the poly bushes

also to make the best of things i chose to rebuild the rear beam at the same time. the almera uses a rear beam with a multi link setup and the panhard rod uses a scott russell link along with a compliant bush so when you lower the car the rear beam gets offset to one side, the only way to get the beam to sit centrally at whatever ride height you choose is to use an adjustable scott russell link in place of the solid one.

also at this time i upgraded the rear brakes and brake lines, the stock discs for the n16 are 256mm dia, but luckily you can take the caliper carriers from a p11-144 and fit them to the n16 using the n16 calipers and this spaces them to use the 280mm diameter p11-144 rear discs. lastly i fitted the goodridge braided brake hoses.

so with the new suspension bushes, arms and brakes sorted it was time for the MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers to be pulled out of their box

and then to fit everything to the car

one small problem arised due to the fact that as the n16 rear turrets are covered by a strengthening plate there was no way to adjust the rear coilover dampening levels easily, so to fix this i cut a small hole in the plate over where the rotory adjuster was, and i also cut a small flap in the boot carpet so i could easily change them without having to remove the carpets, and with the flap pushed close you would hardly know it was there.

to round out the chassis mods i also replaced my megan racing front strut brace with an alutec one. so with the bulk of the chassis mods done up next was the engine swap 🙂

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