Moustache no more – n16 grille modification…

Next on the agenda for me was to remove the silver ‘moustache’ that is on the grilles, as this is one part of the n16 styling that i really don’t like, and at first look it seemed like it was going to be an easy task as the silver parts are just clipped on, unfortunately when they are removed there is still a solid piece of plastic behind them so the ‘moustache’ look would still be there. so to get rid of this i used a dremel with a cutting disc and cut out the offending parts leaving them looking like so

after a little bit of sanding to clean up the cut lines and to key the surface i then primed them with a couple of coats of plastic primer, as if i just put the paint on direct it would have most likely flake off, especially considering they are at the front of the car

once that had dried i finally gave them a few coats of satin black and they looked good as new

another problem i ran into was the bumper, as it has two supporting pieces that were hidden by the removed parts, and removing them would have weakened the bumper too much for my liking so i just painted them black so they wouldn’t be as noticeable behind the grilles

and with that the job was done and the n16 had a moustache no more 🙂

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