In the begining – my nissan almera n16 project…

well as with all good stories there has to be a beginning, and tbh this project was never planned around a nissan almera n16, in fact this car was only purchased as a stop gap till i found something that I thought worthy enough for my plans. as the weeks went by the chassis of this little n16 continually surprised me, even though it was a completely stock 1.5E (which was the base/entry level model) it handled surprisingly well, feeling nimble and sure footed! and although the stock suspension was a bit soft and the 1.5 16v QG15DE was never going to set the world alight I could feel the car definitely had some potential.

I think Nissan really missed a trick by not releasing a GTi version of the n16, and although they did release a sport+ 1.8 version it just wasn’t a proper hot hatch and as a result of this the n16 chassis is very under rated and overlooked by many, but being as I always like to do things a little different from most people and as I felt the chassis showed promise I made the decision to use this car as the basis for my project and I have not been disappointed 🙂

so to show where it all began a few pics of how she looked in all her standard entry level glory lol

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