Engine swap part 1 – Fitting an SR16VE to my N16

Well this is the part of the project where the fun really began, fitting the SR16VE to my N16 being as in the UK the N16 chassis only ever came with the QG15 the QG18 and the YD22 diesel engines made sure this wasn’t going to be a plug and play swap like it is fitting an SR***E into other n chassis nissan’s, and although i knew of 3 people who had swapped a ve into an n16 before me, two in thailand and one in greece, they had all paid garages to do the conversion for them so were of no use when it came to sharing info. To top things off the only service manual for the VE engine is in japanese (being as nissan only released the VE in asia) so wiring info for the ecu/engine loom to car loom was scarce at best but there’s nothing i like more than a challenge lol.

first thing to do was get the exisiting engine out of the car, so bye bye qg!

and the empty bay ready for a new heart

next on the list was to get the new engine mounted to the car in the proper position, and after a bit of checking and trial and error it turned out i that i would manage to use all nissan parts for the mounts, though some required modification to work.

the front mount bracket comes from any p11 with an sr20, and it requires the mounting holes where it attaches to the block elongated by about 8mm so the bracket could be moved to the right. the gearbox mount also comes from any p11 with an sr20 and it requires slightly modified so it will sit properly in the mounting bracket on the n16, all that needs done is that the corners need rounded of on the mount centre piece as shown in these photos

stock mount

and the mount modified to work

the front and rear mounts were stock n16 and the rear mounting bracket is from any n15 with an sr and is also stock and all work without modification. so with those three mounting positions worked out it was time to drop the ve in place

here are the front and gearbox mounts in place, it wasn’t possible to get a good photo of the rear mount lol

this left only the drivers side mount to be worked out, the mount itself is just a stock n15 sr drivers side mount, but the mounting bracket is actually an n15 sr gearbox mounting bracket that was tuned on it’s side, cut down the middle, and then new holes drilled to match the n16 mounting points

and amazingly that sat the engine perfectly level and straight 🙂

so with the engine mounted the first part of the battle was over, next up hooking up the drivetrain, fuel and exhaust, and then lastly my personal kryptonite, the wiring :O

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  1. Good article, I will rewrite it on my page(of course with backlink)

  2. Colin says:

    Did you finish the build on the almera

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