and it begins, n15 almera gti project

so after my nissan n15 almera gti got destroyed in a rear end crash i went on the hunt pretty much straight away for another one i came across this one and this is the story of the car.

so it begins, n15 project car
new n15 gti project car

after a fight with the insurance company i managed to get the old gti returned to me so i could get all the mod and parts from it,  So here are the two of them together just before i started stripping the old one.

old and new cars

keep an eye out for the next post as after a days work the way this car looks in these pictures all change



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One Response to and it begins, n15 almera gti project

  1. leigh says:

    I remember this old beast! Looks like the alloys got sold from wheb I had her

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