A new heart, SR16VE on order…

After i made the decision to use the n16 as my project car my initial plan was to swap in the venerable SR20DE engine, which is one of nissan’s most reliable lumps and as there are plenty of them around and for very little money it was almost a given, but after some debating and farther research i decided to try and source an SR**VE engine which has the same bottom end as the DE variant but the head is completely different as it employs nissan’s NeoVVL system, which is a variable valve lift and timing system that is similar to toyota’s VVti and honda’s vtec.

Unfortunately unlike toyota and honda who released their systems to most all world markets nissan only released the VE engines in japan and some other asian markets, with the SR16VE only available in the N15 Pulsar and JB15 Sunny, and the SR20VE in the P11 and P12 Primera’s, the U14 Bluebird and the Y11 Wingroad. so the only way to source one outside of asia is from an imported car of one of the aforementioned types, an engine importer, or to import one yourself.

After a few weeks of searching and posting wanted threads on various car forums i was contacted by a guy called Justin from Parts Guru >> www.partsguru.co.nz who specialise in importing parts from the Japanese domestic market to sell on and he said he could source me a very low km SR16VE and all ancillaries, along with the full loom, the matching lsd equipped gearbox and the ecu. Due to the conversion rate at the time his price was very competitive even when including the freight costs for shipping it fromNew Zealand to the UK so a deal was struck, and even though there were a few troubles during the process (caused by the shipping company i must add) he was a stand up guy from beginning to end, and i highly recommend him if your ever looking for hard to find jdm parts.

here are the first pics i received of my parts when they were sitting in justin’s place

So that was it, the n16 was getting a new, more powerful heart. All i had to do now was wait for it to come by sea freight, and those three weeks the freight ship took to circle the globe from New Zealand to the UK were some of the longest ever lol, but it eventually landed safely in london, passed through customs, and then three days later it was with me in Aberdeen 🙂

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