A new face – almera n16 ph2 headlights…

After deciding to use the N16 as my project car the first thing i wanted to do was improve the looks a little bit, being as my n16 is a ph1 it had the older reflector design headlamps, and seeing as i preferred the later n16 ph2 projector style headlight those were the first mod on the list. Although the mounting points are the same between the two designs there are some modifications required to be done, the main changes are to the front panel where the earlier headlights require a piece of metal to support where the join between the headlight and indicator meets, but the newer design is of one piece construction so doesn’t require this, and in fact it gets in the way so must be removed. also due to the difference in design there is some modification also needed where the bumper bolts to the wing but this can be done by bending it inwards about 10mm instead of cutting it off. when it comes to the wiring all of the connectors for the headlights are different, both styles use three connectors, one for the side, main and full beam, one for the indicator and one for the headlight beam adjusters, but although the connectors are different between styles the wiring colours are the same so it’s an easy task to swap them over by cutting, soldering and heat shrinking them together. also in the images the part highlighted in yellow/orange is the piece of the front panel that needs cut out to allow the newer style headlights.

at the same time as swapping out the headlights I also fitted a new front splitter, as like many other people I used the now ubiquitous seat Ibiza cupra one, and although its not a direct fit it requires only a little bit of fettling to shape it to the n16 bumper and it does improve the look quite a bit imo.

another mod i made to the front end was to fit a set of fog lights from the higher spec sport+ n16, and although all the wiring and mounting points were in place i still had to change out the complete wiper stalk to the sport+ one which had a switch for the front fogs as the original one had only provision for the rear foglight.

lastly i fitted a set of team heko wind deflectors to the door windows, though these have a purpose rather than just changing the look of the car i do think they look good. so those small additions take us to here

more to come soon!

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