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Welcome to Aberdeen Almeras, this site is a small blog i created to share the work done on my N16 Nissan Almera, I will be filling the blog up as time goes on but for now here is the car that i will be featuring

My N16 Almera E that has a custom SR16VE engine swap that will be getting stroked to 2L in the near future

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  1. Steve says:


    I live in NZ – we have N16 as Nissan Pulsar/Sunny. My niece has a QG15 with a 5 speed manual box. We are trying to replace the gearbox with a better one as the standard boxes seem to fail at low K’s and hers has just given out. Do you know if a QG16 box will fit and what mods may be required or perhaps recommend a better model gearbox that will bolt up?

  2. admin says:

    hi steve, unfortunately I’m not sure about the qg16 box as in the uk we only got the qg15 and qg18, and yeah the qg15 boxes aren’t the best, and as such second hand ones sell at a premium here. a known method of making them last a bit longer is overfilling the gearbox oil by about 500ml, to do this put the front of the car up on ramps or park the car on a steep incline before attempting to fill the box. as a possible replacement the qg18 box (rs5f70a iirc) has a much better gear stack and will bolt up to the block no problem, though you need to replace the complete shifter mechanism also (like I had to for the rs5f32v) as the shifter for the rs5f50a box that the qg15 uses is different where it bolts to the selector fork.

  3. lee mitchell says:


    what is the product code for the mieser r suspension

    many thanks

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